Soul of Flame! Read it! Seriously…it might just change your life!

Hello Lovelies!

RebeccaImage Ethington has done it again!

After months of waiting, I can easily say that Soul of Flame did not disappoint. The three previous books give you an understanding of who the characters are, what motivates them, and also allow you to pick and choose which ones you fall in love with (Ilyan *swoon*). Unlike the previous in this series, the majority of this book lacks action. How can a book about the LAST BATTLE lack action? Yeah, I know, explosions and stuff are cool, but Soul of Flame makes up for it tenfold with an overwhelming amount of emotion. If you’re empathetic like me, you seriously cannot put this book down. It definitely is one to tug on your heart strings, incite laughter and cause everyone to stare at you (the joys of public reading), or make you want to throw something in frustration! I absolutely loved how insightful and incredibly detailed the writing was! As the book came to a close, I was terrified that my journey with the Imdalind series and its wonderful characters would end! I am elated and greatly anticipating the final book!

Get the first book in the Imdalind Series here,, for free on your Kindle! Do it!

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