Mermaids can be manly

Drowning Mermaids, Nadia Scrieva“Deep under Arctic waters lies an ice kingdom carved into a glacier. Those who dwell within it possess magnificent biological secrets. Due to the dangers of impending war, the Princess of Adlivun is forced to flee her undersea utopia and regroup with her sisters in Alaska.
Captain Trevain Murphy is a successful king crab fisherman who has spent his life building his empire above the sea, and knows nothing of the empire beneath it. When he meets a mysterious dancer whose father has recently died, he extends kindness towards her, unaware of her unique genetics and royal lineage.
Trevain’s attraction to the enigmatic Aazuria Vellamo will involve him in dangerous designs that will forever change his life, and his perspective on himself and his world. He embarks on perilous journeys in which he will need to release all of his insecurities and inhibitions in order to survive.” – Excerpt from

Hello Lovelies!

Drowning Mermaids is not the stereotypical mermaid fantasy, and the first scene, which surprisingly takes place in a rowdy strip club, solidifies that. While this book does contain some sexual content and foul language, it is not overly vulgar or distracting from the plot line. As peculiar as it sounds, I found this book to be written in a fashion that was relatable to both genders. Mermaids are masculine? In this case, definitely. Emotions run rampant throughout the entire book, yet they resemble the expression of human sentiment without being overtly relatable to just one sex whether it be love, anger, despair, joy, or sorrow.  I enjoyed how relatable the characters are and how widely their personalities vary. The most noticeable and admirable thing is the author’s impressive writing ability. Nadia Scrieva masterfully employs symbolism, analogy, and an immense vocabulary to communicate very complex ideas and emotional dilemmas that taking place in the novel. Scrieva seemed to focus on what was behind her words and not just the surface of them, thus exploring some topics with great depth.

Drowning Mermaids, the first of six books in the Sacred Breath series, appealed to me based on its insightful writing and innovative story line (plus, it’s free on kindle), but I do not know whether or not I will be carrying on with the adventures in Adlivun.

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– Whimsical Whit




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