Such a great read! Caprion’s Wings, a novella by T.L. Shreffler

Caprion's Wings, T.L. Shreffler“By the age of nineteen, all Harpies know how to fly—except Caprion. He has yet pass the test of the Singing and gain his wings. His family has disowned him in shame and people are beginning to talk. Now an evil voice haunts his dreams, taunting him, drawing out his worst fears—that he will remain wingless forever. Caprion decides to find the root of this insidious voice, no matter what it takes. He journeys to the secret prisons of the Harpy underground, where he meets a young slave named Moss. In those sunless, decrepit cells, a forbidden friendship is formed. Can Caprion and Moss find the source of the voice? And can Caprion save Moss from a terrible fate? Join young Caprion as he journeys down, down into the earth, finding his wings and forging a friendship that will change him forever.” –Excerpt from

Hello Lovelies!

If any of you read my previous blog post on Sora’s Quest, you’ll know that I have quite the soft spot for T.L. Shreffler’s works! Caprion, a character that first appears in the third novel of the Cat’s Eye Chronicles, remains a stranger at the end of said novel. I was left with so many questions about Caprion and the motivations behind his actions. He was a complete enigma. The novella (40,000-50,000 words), Caprion’s Wings, focuses on the story behind the harpy gaining his wings. It consists of exciting action, includes T.L. Shreffler’s fantastic and descriptive writing, provides insight into the foreign harpy world, and gives the reader an understanding of Caprion that they were lacking before. Due to the length of Caprion’s Wings, my review is not long, but I can honestly say that I really enjoyed it!

If you’re reading the Cat’s Eye Chronicles (if you’re not, you’re missing out), you just have to purchase Caprion’s Wings. SO ENLIGHTENING!! And it only took like an hour and a half to read!

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– Whimsical Whit


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