Fire: The Dark Magician by Kyra Keeve

Nothing exciting ever happens in Mundhovel. At least, that’s what Leon Hayes always thought. The young man was accustomed to the daily routine of going to college and spending too much time at home. But one day, everything changes. During a camping trip, Leon and his best friend Stephen stumble across a disturbing symbol in the midst of a vast forest. This turns out to be the least of their worries. Driven by a need to fulfill his curiosity, Stephen unearths an old tome from the center of the symbol and begins to read. This simple act triggers a series of events that reveals Mundhovel’s history…which is much darker than either of them had thought possible.

The tome, they soon learn, is a guidebook for followers of an ancient religion. These followers were once a threat to Mundhovel in its formational years, and now—after over a century of silence—they are returning in full force. Leon and Stephen are faced with a tantalizing question: which side will they choose to join? Will they side with those of the ancient religion, or will they fight against them? As the religion inexorably expands and threatens the safety of the town, the two friends come to realize that they are on opposite sides in the impending crisis.

Unless they can learn to fight a common enemy, they may destroy everyone they love — and themselves.” -synopsis from

Hello Lovelies!

So glad to be back at it and creating a post for you guys. I just finished (well, almost finished) the first semester of my senior year in college, and in doing all the other things in my life, I neglected reading which also kept me from posting. It’s time to get back on the saddle with Fire.

Reading Fire can be compared to eating an oreo. Sounds wonderful, right? No. Unlike an oreo, the middle of this literary cookie was double-stuffed with uninteresting fluff and little to no action. When Leon and Stephen stumble upon the tome belonging to the Pesha witches, I became excited to learn how this event would impact their seemingly simple and easy lives. I really enjoy the fun and witty banter and casual relationship that Leon shares with both Stephen and his sister, Emily.

However, Keeve’s plot began to bore me once Leon started dating Connie. First, I despise the name Connie (*disclaimer to all Connie’s in the world, your name is pretty, but not at the top of my list for most interesting character names*). Second, while I enjoy romance as much as the next person, I get tired of hearing how much sensitive Leon loves “perfect” Connie (who gives me the creeps) and hates disappointing his parents. As a college student, I’m constantly surrounded by people with overbearing parents, particularly in the grades department, and icky lovey dovey relationships, so it’s not really something I want to read about. While the relationship between Leon and Connie bugs me, I would have been less annoyed by it if there had been some sort of action to break up the monotony.

The pacing of this book didn’t pick up until the end, when Emily reveals Connie’s true nature to Leon which then sparks memories from Leon’s past. After discovering the truth, Leon becomes a *pardon my french* badass. His new fiery personality, both literally and figuratively, creates an exciting ending that adds to the mystery of the next Dark Magician book.

So, when I finished Fire, I had no desire to read any of the other books in this series. However, after a few hours, I found myself longing to know if fiery Leon ever get revenge, and more importantly, if Maurtia and Des get what they deserve *death, cough, cough*. Will I read any more of The Dark Magician books? That is up to both you, my readers, and my ever-dwindling bank account.

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-Whimsical Whit

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