Linked by Heather Bowhay, The Guardian Series Book #2

Linked Heather BowhayLeading a double life as an Amethyst and a Dentelle is difficult, loving two men is tragic, but for Lexi Adams, planning her own death is totally insane. After narrowly escaping the Ray-Pacs in Amethyst, Lexi and Jason are now headed to the safe haven on Towhead Island. Heart-broken, she understands why a Guardian-Amethyst relationship is forbidden, but that won’t stop her from trying.

Unfortunately, a new threat arises from the Ray-pacs, causing Lexi to team up with Ash. They devise their own plan for infiltrating and destroying the Ray-pacs, one that will protect her Guardian friends. But Lexi soon discovers that her lies, regardless of all her good intentions, are about to destroy everyone she has worked so hard to protect. Is it too late to live and love?

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been sitting on this review for about a month, waiting to post it (I wanted to break up sequel reviews). After finishing and loving Amethyst, I immediately moved onto Linked, eager to continue the story of Lexi and her companions.

Ash, who seemed to fade out of Amethyst, returns full force in Linked and becomes Lexi’s confidant, accomplice, and even lover. Instead of the cocky facade portrayed in the first book, Ash is revealed to be a feeling individual hounded by insecurities. His loyalty to Lexi is unwavering even though they have connections to opposing sides. Ash, an unexpected knight in shining armor, rescues the remnants of Lexi’s broken heart (thanks, Jason), and does his best to piece them together with his love. All in all, I really love Ash.

Jason, on the other hand, is another story. Irritatingly subordinate to Guardian rules, Jason crushes Lexi’s romantic advances with an iron hand, devastating her. The distance between them allows Ash to sneak his way into her heart. Even though Jason “doesn’t care,” he still experiences bolts of jealousy at Lexi and Ash’s relationship. Serves him right! As the novel progresses, things between Jason and Lexi become quite interesting, (spoiler, kind of) ending with an admission that simultaneously makes my heart sing but also quake in fear for their future.

Linked centers around plotting the demise of the Ray-Pacs, but also enlightens you on the inner-workings of both the Guardians and Lexi’s heart. Madison also becomes surprisingly likable but still full of copious amounts of disdain. I spent the entire book questioning the fate of Lexi due to her Dentelle nature. Obviously, because of the existence of a third book, I knew Lexi would live, I just didn’t know to which side she would be linked. The ending battle scene is thrilling and full of bad-assery (just go with it). The next and last book in the series, Dentelle, will most likely consist of many battle scenes and nerve-wracking suspense!

I am excited to continue the Guardian series soon! I definitely recommend this series to all of you as it is enjoyable and electrifying! Be on the lookout for my review of Dentelle! If you have read any of Heather Bowhay’s books, I’d love to hear your opinions!

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