The First Book of Demons by Raquel Dove, The Book of Demons #1

Thie First Book of Demons“Alexandra’s world is shattered when the only family she has is brutally murdered. A series of strange encounters, and her relentlessly curious nature, lead her into the woods where she meets a destiny that has been chasing her since birth. She is unknowingly brought into a world of demons that is fraught with turmoil and deadly power struggles. Lord Balthazar, a demon prince trying to hold his new kingdom together, seizes on the opportunity and takes her hostage. Alexandra’s strong willed, defiant personality not only gets her into heaps of trouble, but also manages to gain the unlikely affections of the demon lord that holds her captive. As time begins to run out for both of them, sacrifices must be made that are to neither one’s liking, and by the time they realize what they truly want, it may be too late.” -synopsis from

Hello Lovelies!

So this title made me wary, and I was hesitant about what kind of “demons” Raquel Dove chose to write about. After further research, I discovered that the races featured in this novel were inspired by Arabian mythology. Having been a reader and lover of Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus trilogy, I felt that I would enjoy The First Book of Demons too.

First, and most importantly, THIS BOOK IS NOT YA. I repeat, THIS BOOK IS NOT YA. I believe this to be the biggest mistake made by people reading this book. They expect a coy narration of the romantic content. I’m sure, like me, they were surprised, if not shocked, to discover their error. While I have read books that were more explicit, I did tire of reading about “fleshy, pink nubs.” I am not saying that this book was inappropriate or vulgar, I am just making you aware of the intended audience. Raquel Dove also writes intimate scenes using antiquated phrases and terms. She might have wanted to highlight the archaic nature of the Demon world, however, it just didn’t work for me.

Racy parts aside, I found myself quite captivated by the story. I love how infuriating Alexandra is. She constantly irks Lord Balthazar and the other demons and it’s hilarious. In his quest for power, Balthazar drags Alexandra along to aid in the collection of three necessary items. As they fight off griffins, thwart attempts to wrest away Balthazar’s throne, and discover the emergence of an unbeatable foe, a deep bond is formed, one with romantic ties (YAY). The end of the novel gives us a sneak peek of how closely Alexandra and Balthazar’s fates are tied together.

I have already read book two, Demons Amongst Us, and am excited to continue the rest of the saga! Have you read any of Raquel Dove’s books? If so, please let me know your thoughts!

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