Awakened by Casey Odell, Cursed Magic Series Book Two

Awakened, Casey Odell“After escaping from the elves and the General, Claire is on the run again with the last person she’d thought she’d end up with— Farron. Shadowy forces are nipping at their heels, and soon they are attacked. But they have bigger worries. An old friend of Farron’s shows up: a beautiful woman with a mark shockingly similar to her own.

As it turns out, she is not alone.

And the new woman isn’t exactly on their side. Claire is kidnapped and lands in the middle of Farron’s biggest secret of all. Once again she is a prisoner and the people that surround her want to use her and her powers, people that she doesn’t have the option of refusing. The wolves are circling, but to pick a side means giving up everything she holds dear.” -Excerpt from

Hello Lovelies!

Wishing (seemingly) everyone in the southern states a wonderful first day of school even though I started last week *gags*. May your year be full of lenient teachers. While my reading time is drastically restricted by the presence of class work, nothing can quell my literary appetite. No, Netflix, not even you. If you have read some of my previous posts, you probably know about my love for the elvish race, especially a particular elf by the name of Farron. That being said, I decided to pick back up with said elf and Claire in the sequel novel, Awakened.

Unlike most of my other reviews, this may contain a few spoiler-like subjects, so beware. The story opens with our pair of travelers, Claire and Farron, departing the Haven for a destination that may provide some answers as to the whereabouts of Claire’s mother. Plans never go, well, to plan, so when Claire finds herself kidnapped by an amazonian woman bearing a mark similar to her own, she decides to make the most out of the situation and tries gain mastery over her mark while learning more of its origin. I don’t want to tell you exactly where Claire was whisked off to, but it relates back to Farron and the shrouded past he’s running from, a past he’s willing to return to in order to save her *swoon*.

As readers, we are all familiar with the moody, infuriatingly cocky male character, and while annoyed, secretly root for him as he slowly woos the damsel. There’s a moment where the damsel finally sees through the rough facade to the delicate inner-working of his soul and they fall in love. Simple and predictable, and I love it. Now for my frustration to ensue. Claire frustrates me almost as much as Katniss (now that’s a whole other story). Farron finally lays bare his heart, their chemistry is brought to the surface, they have beautiful moments together, and then she proceeds to continually shatter his heart. Colloquially, we have a term for girls like her, but I think it’s best left unsaid. She thinks she’s doing it “for the greater good” or something justifiable, but all she’s really doing is pissing me off.

Rant aside, Awakened is full of surprising revelations, romance, intrigue, and suspense. The damage Claire’s mark sustained at the hands of the General leave both its functionality and her life in question. At the close of the novel, she embarks on a quest that may help find her mother and save her own life, but more importantly, save the entire world.

I am eagerly awaiting the third book in the Cursed Magic Series that, as of April 2015, is in the works. If you haven’t already started reading these books, I definitely recommend them! As Shia would say, JUST DO IT.

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